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Our club

West Schuylkill FC is a cost-effective, developmental, and competitive youth travel soccer organization located in western Schuylkill County, PA. The club currently has teams playing in the Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League (CPYSL). These teams also play in competitive tournaments throughout the year. West Schuylkill FC provides a unique opportunity for dedicated youth soccer players to develop in a year-round program. The club focuses its attention on the players and their impact within a team, and it strengthens players' talents based on fundamentals. The club will only grow if it is able to increase the numbers within its quality coaching staff. This allows the club to devote more attention to each team and each individual player. West Schuylkill FC is run by a small number of dedicated officers and coaches whose sole focus is to build a program that directly benefits the players.

Our Mission

It is the mission of West Schuylkill FC to enhance the skill sets of youth soccer players within Schuylkill County, PA and surrounding counties both on the field and off. Our coaches are passionate, self-motivated individuals focused on developing each player within a well-defined team structure.


President Alan Roeder 570-640-8381 alan.w.roeder@gmail.com
Vice-President Scott Bensinger 570-985-4465 sbensinger8@gmail.com
Treasurer Alan Roeder 570-640-8381 alan.w.roeder@gmail.com
Registrar Alan Roeder 570-640-8381 alan.w.roeder@gmail.com
Director of Coaching and Program Development Jared Lehr 814-441-2994 lehrj@outlook.com
Director of Tournaments and Leagues Charles Yoder, Jr. 570-527-1458 cjyoder@live.com
Director of Fundraising Jeanne Tennis 570-294-0619 jlptennis@gmail.com
Director of Financial Aid Angela Lengle 570-971-1122 arocker2@comcast.net
Club Representative to CPYSL Thomas Gohsler 570-990-4545 tgohsler61@gmail.com
Secretary Ange Snyder  717-201-5529 angedep@hotmail.com